I was born in Hungary, in Veszprem, In 1989.10.22. My father is Italian my mother is Hungarian. I started to learn dancing when I was little, but I stopped it. Now I'm dancing salsa and free style. I started to write my first book at the age of 15. Than I started voice acting and modeling, which I rarely do now. I became an offical author. You can find my firs offical book, in e-book format in the website of "Publio kiadó" Publio Publisher. It is about an OCD's Girl, Elizabeth Mary Taylor's life story, how she get cured from OCD with her own modser. Anyway it is a Novel, so there are action, love and life story in it. The English version of the book, called Imprisoned, is under translation. Nowdays I'm writing my short stories about my two favourite and old fictional characters. I will wrote the story in piceas, and there are gonna be drawings of the characters in It. Everyone who interested in my stories, can give autographs, chat here in my website, give me advices and spend a great time here; share photos, drawings etc. Ps.: I like martial arts: Wing Tsun Kung fu, Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Have a nice day! Betti