The biggest secret: The Truth (ekönyv)

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History holds countless mysteries for the descendants of humankind. 
The first part of this book examines religious and historic facts based on tireless research and teachings by the Spirit World.  The reader will be introduced to the concealed and modified stories and the true acts of “blue blood” ascendants, the creators of European history.  Did you know that Attila, the Hun, liberated his brother nations from the ruthless control of the Roman Empire?
In the second part of the book, the structure of the spirit world is described and select spiritual phenomena are recounted from the accumulated thousands of cases.  Did you know there are two creators?  
In the last section, quantum physics is set out to provide scientific explanation for the spiritual world.  The Matrix Drops invention is capable of pointing out self-destructive codes, thoughts, delusions as well as virtues at a deeply personalized level.  With the help of the Matrix Drops Quintessences, individuals can recognize adverse forces and be inspired to find a way out of negative thoughts, emotional blocks and relational whirlpools affecting them. 

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