The Price of Existence (ekönyv)

3 000 Ft

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„Ever since the dawn of mankind, some primal instinct drives us to find proof that we are not alone in this world. Although billions of people populated the Earth, we still felt alone. We built spaceships and searched on, leaving our home planet. We wanted to see into the distance through the light-years. But why? What is that longing encoded in our genes that makes us look ever further? Why do we obsessively believe that we cannot possibly be the only sapient civilization in this incomprehensibly big world? After so many disappointments why does our belief still hold, stronger than our life-instincts? Why are we gazing at the star-studded night sky and ask ourselves again and again – you out there, who we’ve been searching for since time immemorial, which planet do you live on, where should we go? And what’s next when we find the much-desired answer to these questions? If those that we’ve been waiting for for so long come to us…will we survive? The day has come. The day of the last war.”







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