Unraveling Mysteries of Life (ekönyv)

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Neither scientific, nor philosophical qualification is needed to read this book. Simple yet refined wording makes its content easily understandable for all kinds of readers. The author takes into account the discoveries of modern science about our world, our environment and our bodies, looking for and finding answers to all the unanswered questions in ancient Indian and Greek wisdom.



„This book will not be kept on my bookshelf but will remain on my table and I’m going to read it for the rest of my life. I’m going to learn from it and will meditate on issues covered in it. The wisdom, Gupta relies on and carries in his heart and soul is not a religion, nor a philosophy, nor a belief, nor a science; but is a metaphysical knowledge. It is the only and absolute ancient knowledge, which deals with questions that govern the world and human existence.”
Péter Müller

„Gupta is a true man of the world. He has wide knowledge of modern scientific and intellectual developments. But he is also acquainted with the wisdom of the past. He is well equipped to speak to an international audience of intellectuals, religionists, and political leaders about the nature of our modern problems and the way forward to practical solutions. The solutions Gupta presents are based on the best that modern science and ancient wisdom have to offer us. By offering new ways of understanding who we are and where we are, based on his deep acquaintance with source of traditional wisdom, both Eastern and Western, Gupta gives us hope of a better future. “
Michael A. Cremo








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