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Looking at words, in a way that has never been done before…
Words form the basis of human thinking.
During its history, humankind has been using words without being aware of what words are, what the process of thinking in words looks like and what its pitfalls are. As a result, sometimes we use meaningless words to make meaningless sentences which build up meaningless theories, in a good case, but which, in a bad case, can also build up theories that ruin the lives of millions of people. And all this is not without ‘beautiful’ consequences: the history of humankind is a sequence of unending plots, genocides, bloody wars and economic crises.
While the development of sciences soars uninterruptedly, human studies are struggling in the dust like a bird without wings. Why? Because of words.
Or more precisely, because there is an undiscovered, mysterious world where words are rooted and through and in which they live.
What to do? Is there a way out?
These are the questions this book gives partial answers to.
But only if you read it.





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